Visions of a Transforming World

Inspired by nature. Exploring the interface of tactile and virtual worlds for Arctic paper as part of the communication for two new design paper collections, representing the different paper grades thus portraying a metamorphosis from natural to virtual… Client: Arctic Paper Agency: JUNO Concept, Art and Creative Direction : JUNO & ZEITGUISED Design and Animation: ZEITGUISED Sound: Michael Fakesch Anúncios Continuar lendo Visions of a Transforming World

Playful Optical Ilusions

canadianbeerandpostmodernism: To bring awareness to the worn out and abandoned buildings in the city of Saint-Étienne, French street artists Ella and Pitr have created a series of wonderful anamorphic murals. Whimsical and playful, each piece in this public art series typically features a gigantic illustrated picture frame that appears to be a portal to another world that is more colorful and fantastical than our own. … Continuar lendo Playful Optical Ilusions

Pets of the homeless

“Once a dog forms a close relationship with a caring owner, their loyalty can be unbreakable, and they will stick with their owner through thick and thin. And unlike us, dogs don’t pass judgment on people who are down on their luck or homeless. This post is a tribute to homeless dogs, who love and stick with their homeless owners no matter what. Pet dogs … Continuar lendo Pets of the homeless

Not Just a Girl

Photographer Jaime Moore was looking for inspirational ideas to celebrate her daughter Emma’s 5th birthday, and ended up photographing her beautiful girl posing as some of the most influential women in history. Jaime chose 5 women for Emma to impersonate, and thus her daughter became the mini version of Coco Chanel, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall. “I had been searching … Continuar lendo Not Just a Girl