Conoscere vuol dire Comprendere

from Lightcut Film Conhecimento é entendimento. 2 de abril é o Dia Mundial de Conscientização do Autismo. Este ano, a RAI nomeou Film Lightcut a realização do video para a campanha de comunicação. O trabalho foi realizado em animação tradicional e Motion Graphic 2D. “Il 2 Aprile è la giornata mondiale della consapevolezza sull’Autismo. Quest’anno la Rai ha affidato a Lightcut Film la realizzazione dello … Continuar lendo Conoscere vuol dire Comprendere

Lila – Short Film

from Carlos Lascano Lila is the character of a short film that somehow completes a sort of aesthetic trilogy I have started in 2008 with “A short love story in Stop Motion” and then followed in 2011 with “A shadow of blue” I had the pleasure to have the talented Sandy Lavallart composing this beautiful music You can take a look at the backstage … Continuar lendo Lila – Short Film

Don’t text and drive

from Sehsucht Biking is not a picknick if you‘re sharing the road with a distracted driver. Sehsucht‘s animation shows the dangers of texting while driving. Messaging on his phone, our car driver doesn‘t pay attention to the traffic lights and oversees a pedestrian at a crossing. Distracted by the messages, he drives incautiously and runs into a young woman riding her bike. He calls an ambulance to take … Continuar lendo Don’t text and drive

Pool Party

from Red Paper Heart UrbanDaddy challenged us to create a memorable interactive experience in water. Our desire was to create animations that party-goers could swim through. Initially we had no idea how to make this a reality. Pools are not exactly the most projection ready surface, and initial brainstorms produced many more challenges than we had anticipated. In researching a solution, we had to overcome … Continuar lendo Pool Party

Happiness At What Price?

from World Brain Wash We received a secretly-recorded audio clip from a closed-door session of a recent Global Industry Summit. The subject was speaking about recent advances in neuro-marketing and consumer behavioral tools that we found incredibly creepy. Not sure who the speaker was and we couldn’t find anything about the Global Alliance he represented, but we thought it would be nicely enhanced if we … Continuar lendo Happiness At What Price?