Spirit Yoga

from Chris Tran


“A Donation-based, Pay-What-You-Wish Yoga Studio”

Spirit Yoga was founded by a small group of friends who wanted to bring affordable and approachable yoga to their community. Yoga is too important to only be available to certain demographics of society. There is no pricing structure at the studio; Spirit Yoga practices a donation-based system where the students give what they can in exchange for receiving the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. We believe that most people have a respect and appreciation for the practice and that in order to truly benefit from it, an exchange is necessary. The exchange doesn’t have to be in currency, it can also be in ‘kind’, meaning that a trade of some kind, time, a service or goods, is acceptable. We’ll also tell you where your money is going. For example, on a $10 class donation, 20% goes to the teacher, 10% goes towards utilities, 15% goes towards the studio rent, 15% goes towards local community charities and shelters, 10% goes towards studio expenses like cleaning and maintenance, 20% goes back into growing the studio, making it better and hopefully opening the next one and finally 10% goes to the owners, who are both teachers and students, just like yourself.

Your donations and generosity keep this place going and are truly appreciated.

In return, we’ll strive to provide you with the best teachers and classes. We’ll constantly be helping our teachers learn more and better themselves as teachers and as yogis, our teachers are also students. Please come by the studio, take a class or two and don’t hesitate to make suggestions on different styles of yoga or healing practices that you’d like to see us bring in.

No matter your budget, experience level or goals, Spirit Yoga is yoga for everyone.


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